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We enhance your knowledge and skills with high-quality designed to support UnMutingMe's vision of becoming the best personal and organizational resource that is dedicated to advocacy and development.

We are dedicated to supporting you and being a strategic partner to help you meet your objectives and goals.  No matter if it is personal and organizational development our goal to ensure the confidence you need to reach your next steps! 


- make the most of our human talent and potential by overcoming limiting beliefs
- inform, educate, and inspire people to reach their goals
- create an environment that both challenges and supports people
- accomplish your goals faster and easier, with less stress and more enjoyment

What does it mean to be unmuted?


unmute - to allow (a person who or thing which has previously been silenced) to be heard. Attacking those limiting beliefs of I can't.

Eagle vs Chicken Mentality

An eagle flies to the storm and then glides on top of it no matter how difficult.

A chicken can't fly and can only run when the storm comes.

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The voice of



Many times we struggle with our negative thoughts by not standing up to ourselves or others because our mind has been programmed to think that we're inferior to the next person (fear of being vulnerable). We tend to shut our needs and wants out by only catering to others so we can feel accepted. We sometimes are unaware of these behaviors and when we do realize it we shame and down ourselves for being such. 


Many of us actually do not know how to self-love because of fear, doubt, and/or shame. If you want to live a life of self-worth vs self-sabotage then let me help you. Whether you're co-dependent, have fear of abandonment or maybe you don't know the "who and why", it is time to "Give your voice a voice." 

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Your Greater Self.


The word "self-love" and "self-care" have been thrown around loosely recently. However, if we don't have confidence in ourselves to do it then we'll forever be living for someone else or pretending to be someone we're not. CAN YOU LIVE ANOTHER 10 YEARS LIKE THIS? Learning how to be the real you is sometimes hidden beneath the relationships, professional achievement, and even as a parent. WE FORGET WHO WE ARE AS HUMAN BEINGS? 

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"Discipline your mind so you can excel"
"You have low self-worth because you were conditioned that way. It doesn't have to be your reality."
"Mistakes are the greatest opportunity to grow!"

The essence of life is love. Although easy to say it hard to do when our brains are cluttered with the ways and anxiety of this world and the perception of other people. We need love to sustain our lives which usually starts from childhood. However, if that need does not get met, we tend to live our lives searching for it from whoever will give it to us.

Here's the scary part - if we lack love then we attract those to we "think" can give love. This comes from us not receiving it earlier in our life usually childhood. We can sometimes become clingy, needy, or obsessed with the person or something whom we think has the love or control we need. These relationships can include significant things such as our business, friends, or our children. 

Cracking the code - there's a cure for this. It is called self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. If you think you have lacked these qualities in yourself then I am here to show you how to start loving yourself without depending on someone else to approve you. In order to do this, we must figure out who we are deep down in our core so we can stop allowing our negative subconscious mind to control us and start living intentionally. 

intentionally  - a purpose and thoughtfully done or sought out

clingy - one who is emotionally dependent on someone or something. 

co-dependent - the need to be valued or important; fulfilled when needed by someone

subconscious mind - thoughts that are created through observations without being aware; unknowing behavior that is repetitively done 

"Are you a chicken or an eagle?"




Sometimes our lives are altered by our experiences which causes us to believe in things that aren't really true. We then start to live in the shadow of our past or someone's life and beliefs. Meaning we aren't really living our own lives. 

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