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If you weigh the cost of career coaching against your potential salary, it makes logical sense to invest in securing assistance with both your resume and interview coaching. In this case, the end does justify the means.


Can your resume catch their attention within 45 seconds?

Why should I use a Professional Resume Writing Service?

My extensive background includes several years in corporate, nonprofit, and education in the capacity of recruiters and hiring managers. I’ve been there (I get it)… and Champion after running a department and interviewing and reviewing resumes, the average we typically spend less than 45 seconds scanning resumes. My team knows what recruiters and hiring managers look for, and as a result, we know exactly what to include, what not to include, and what sort of style and keywords are needed to get noticed. This will make your resume more “eye-catching” and help your resume stand out from your competition. We can help give you the greatest possible chance of getting the job you want. There really is no excuse not to take advantage of in-depth professional advice, experience, and expertise, especially when the cost is so reasonable.

Will this get me the job?

No one can guarantee you will get the job based solely on your resume. Resumes don’t get jobs; they get interviews. However, an optimized resume opens more doors and gets you more interviews. With our assistance, your resume will stand out and become more noticeable. Because of the sheer volume of resumes received by companies, it is next to impossible to physically track and review each resume. Most employers are use applicant-tracking systems (ATS) to evaluate resumes, and even the best candidates can get screened out due to a lack of applicable keywords.

Champion here's what you will get!

  • Free Resume Review

  • Professional Resume in 3 Business Days, excluding Weekends/Holidays

  • Standard Resume (2 Pages Maximum) – Federal Resumes and CVs available at Additional Cost

  • Keyword Optimization for ATS

  • No Cookie-Cutter Resume Templates (STAND OUT AND BE UNIQUE!)

  • Cover & Follow-up Letter Templates – Customized Letters Available at Additional Cost

  • 2 Revisions Included within a 7-Day Period after First Draft

  • Formatting and Design – Word, Google Doc, and PDF


CHAMPION - Can you truly say that your CV is extraordinary and memorable for an employer?

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more extensive than a resume. In the United States, a CV is typically used by applicants with medical, scientific, or academic professional aspirations. Employment in other countries may require a Curriculum Vitae (CV) instead of a resume in the application process, although our CV service is aligned with US guidelines (while an international CV may look more like a traditional resume).

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) pagination may range anywhere from 3 to more than 15 pages depending on the individual’s background, whereas an ideal resume may be no more than 3 pages in length.

Here's what you will get!

• Professionally written CV that can be edited 
• Formatted for easy reading
• Keyword optimized to enhance selection possibilities by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
• Templates for cover letter and follow up letter
• Final documents (Word, PDF, and text version)
• Turnaround time 3-5 business days depending upon the complexity
• 3 revisions during a 7-day time frame


Yes, Champion - it's time to rock your interview!

In today’s job market, recruiters are slammed with huge numbers of candidates for every job opening. We’ve already worked with you on setting up your resume to get in the door, but now what? How do you set yourself apart at this point? What is your next step?

Interview Preparation

What will the interviewer ask and how will you respond? Do you know what they are looking for when they ask certain questions? How do you explain a gap in your employment? 

I can help! By highlighting your expertise in ways that clearly demonstrate how you will add value to your new organization’s business, we can prepare you for using your interview time wisely and leaving a memorable and positive impression.

Here's what you will learn!

  • You will LEARN what the interviewer’s body language is really telling you about your answers.

  • You will LEARN How to answer questions to ensure you address the interviewer’s expectations.

  • You will GET tips on responding to behavioral or competency-based questions.

  • You will LEARN how to stay ahead of the questions (in other words, helping you direct the interview).

  • You will LEARN how to answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question.

  • And much more…and more .... and more ... and more!!


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