Shere knows that in order for any organization to develop it first comes from understanding who you are and what you want. I've worked with Shere apart of her internship work and professional developments. She's inspiring. Therefore, I find her work to be exceptional. She works with all her clients by tapping in real life. No "sugar coating." Real results.


Clay -President & CEO (KIMP)

I'm thankful to have stumbled on AdyaShere while browsing online. She helped understand how important it is to address the inner stuff that was bothering me.I'm am not afraid to acknowledge who I am now. I appreciate the authenticity she has for her clients. I am a proud Champion of the UnMuting Family. 


- J.A. 

She's honest and I like how she doesn't sugarcoat and DOES NOT JUDGE BUT ACTUALLY LISTENS! She's serious about helping people, but she will make sure you do the work. I love her energy! 


- T.W.

Shere understands that student explorations matter, in her classroom, students are allowed to talk about their career fits and uncomfortable conversations around advocating for themselves


F. Camara -CDE (Office of Reenagement) 

A very refreshing and real person who understands and gets me. I struggled for years of bad relationships, I realize it was the relationship with me that was the problem. The struggle was real. I am getting through it now and have gotten so much better by listening to myself more! Thank for your help. 

- A.D  

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Brady High School

Jeffco Public Schools

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