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Partner Expectations


Treat our WBL participants like your employees.

This is the foundation of our program's success. Many of our participants have not had the opportunity to observe or practice soft skills or be in an environment with realistic work expectations that will provide them with an experience that will truly affect them beyond both high school, college, and our program.

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That said, our participants are seeking not only real-world experience, but training, guidance, and feedback in a learning-oriented environment. Keep in mind that they are still learning. We recommend that you give interns regular feedback so that they can continue to grow professionally throughout the experience.

The Work Base Learning (WBL) team covers most of the curriculum, but to ensure our participants are meeting program expectations, we ask that you sign off on their time sheet, and complete both a midterm and endpoint evaluation.

Please also provide us with a job description for our interns. If you need a form, you can contact a WBL team member.

We also appreciate your willingness to take on our participants and as such we've got you covered in as many areas as we can. All business will also be provided with a certificate of liability insurance, which will be physically delivered by a team member on the interns’ first day.

Partner Agreement

If you're interested in partnering, please view our full agreement here.

Students are seeking not only real world experience, but also training, guidance, and feedback in an learning-oriented environment. The following are guidelines that we expect of employers seeking an intern through the services of the Internship Program:

  • An employer (hosting organization) will comply with all federal/state statures and school policies relating to nondiscrimination including but not limited to discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin, creed, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation or preference, gender identity and expressions, age, marital status, or disability.

  • The majority of the student’s time will be spent on entry-level professional work in the area of interest and strictly clerical work such as answering phones, filing, and stuffing envelopes should be kept to a minimum.

  • Interns cannot be asked to transport other employees or clients in their personal vehicles.

  • The student will have access to training, guidance and feedback by an experienced professional in the student’s field. We recommend meeting with your intern every week to review progress, answer questions, and provide feedback.

  • The student will have a placement for a two quarters, or a period of time set in advance, contingent upon the student’s performance.

  • Should there be an internship with an employer who has a home office, the internship meetings between employer & student will take place on location and will maintain a business atmosphere, including appropriate business hours, location for performance of duties, and attire.

  • The employer needs to conduct a frank and honest interview with the student and explain the specific requirements and expectations of the internship experience. Included should be a discussion of what learning opportunities will be afforded the intern, the regular hours of work, expectations of after-hours availability, dress and grooming requirements, and the issue of punctuality, among others. These topics are recommended to be discussed on the first day of the internship.

  • The employer further must agree to provide a positive internship experience for at least the minimum number of hours corresponding to the student’s credit hours. The student will have the number of hours reported to the supervisor. (Alternate options are available pending approval and agreement between student, employer, and school).

  • The understanding between UnMutingMe and your business is that the students will be unpaid, but will receive transcript credit. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division will allow an employer not to pay an Intern or Trainee if all of the following conditions listed below are true.

  • The internship or training, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, will be similar to what would be given in a vocational school or academic educational instruction.

  • The education or training received by the Intern(s) or Trainee(s) from the position will be for the express benefit of the Intern(s) or Trainee(s).

  • The Intern(s) or Trainee(s) do not displace regular employees, but will work under close observation of the company’s employees.

  • The employer that provides the internship or training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the Intern(s) or Trainee(s), and on occasion the employer’s operations may actually be impeded (such as the time taken to ask and answer questions of the Intern(s) or Trainee(s)).

  • The Intern(s) or Trainee(s) are not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship or training period.

  • The employer and the Intern(s) or Trainee(s) understand that the Intern(s) or trainee(s) are not entitled to wages for the time spent in the internship or training program. However, if you have other options (i.e. scholarships at the end of their program towards their career) that will support our students please select other option.

  • As an employer, if you have an UnMutingMe WBL student on your site, you will be provided with a certificate of insurance.

Partnership Participation Form


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