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What does the word "pathway" mean to you in education?


My answer: The way in which we use our skills, knowledge, growth, and experience rather formal and informal that we apply in our daily lives (personal or professional).


This means that we should have a blueprint in how our schools and organizations should look? Many will probably say: "Yes, I have a vision, but I don't know how to implement it nor do I know where to start."


The question comes down to "How does work-based learning develop schools and organizations?

Education is always changing so that you mean you have to change with it. You may hear the word "work-based learning" floating around the schools and policymakers recently. The ideas of "work-based learning" sound nice but we get stuck in getting an idea like this off the ground. I GET IT!


You need manpower, staff buy-in, business partners, community partners, family support, mentorship, curriculum design, time, and the list goes on. I GET IT!


I have build and trained staff in schools and business owners on how to implement this in their workplaces. Our children deserve to know where they are going after high school, and it's our job to help them figure it out. A high school diploma is great and a must need, but we must help our student understand their life after high school as well.



Anyone can do this work. I mean anyone that has a desire to focus on helping students know what their plans are starting in elementary.


I've come to realize that college isn't for every student, trades aren't for everyone, or certificate programs aren't for everyone, but learning does work for every student and mistakes need to happen for them to realize that. This is my work everyday!

As an educational consultant, I will help you plan either a full high school apprenticeship program, internship program, job shadow program, and worksite tours. I help educators of all grade levels by giving tools, tips, and show you how to create buy-in and sustain a program that does work for students and educators.

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