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Corey Brassell Scholarship

MISSION - to elevate all youth's understanding of servant leadership in the classroom and community. We encourage and invest in every scholar to succeed in post-secondary education. 

VISION- Every youth has access to the tools necessary to pursue post-secondary learning.

Who was Corey Brassell? He was a basketball player, musically talented, scholar, and dear friend. Corey was apart of the CAHS (now Coahoma Early College High School) Graduation Class of 2008. 


Basic Requirements
-Must present a plan after high school
-Must be accepted into a certificate or a degree program
-Must be a graduating high school senior

Must Demonstrate the Following:

3 Corey Brassell Scholars Characteristics:
-Academically Responsible
-Take Personal Responsibility

-Servant Leadership

Click here to apply for the Corey Brassell Scholarship


To build this community, The Scholarship will:

  • Promote and provide financial support for postsecondary education

  • Assure that scholars have the information necessary to make sound financial decisions

  • Lead a collaborative network of community and educational partners aligned to support student preparation, transition, and persistence to degree, certificate, or program completion.

To those who share its vision, the Corey Brassell Scholarship offers opportunities to participate in its realization through financial and in-kind support and volunteerism. The scholarship contributes to enlightened our community through advocacy for its vision of postsecondary educational opportunities without financial barriers.

Contact the Corey Brassell Team for any questions:

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*Note all proceeds will be given to Corey Brassell Scholars postsecondary funding.

Donations are not tax-deductible

2020 Corey Brassell Scholars

Logo and Important Pics (14).png

Left: Joey Hunter Jr - Attending Coahoma Community College

Right: Deleesha Earl - Attending Delta State University (First in Family to Attend College)

*This scholarship was founded by UnMutingMe LLC

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